2018 Color Trends

colour trends 2018

The color palette for 2018 is Grown-up and Bold, but also allows for the softer tones to be pulled in, dusky pinks entwined with striking blues. Designing wallpapers with these colors is going to bring our natural crystals and beautiful succulent plant photography into play!

A lot of ohhh's and ahhhh's escaped from our lips when we researched the Color Trends for 2018, especially when we discovered that beautiful rich Violet was included, along with Burgundy. Try combining shades of these beauties, with golds and charcoal, very sophisticated. 

Dulux 'Color of the Year' is 'Heart Wood': https://www.dulux.co.uk/en/articles/dulux-colour-year-2018. Beautiful! What's not to love about this color. It harmonises easily, is warm and friendly, and very chic.

Pantone 'Color of the Year' is Pantone 2096C - Ultra Violet: https://www.pantone.com/color-of-the-year-2018. How vibrant and alive is this? Dark and rich.


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