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concrete wallpaper

Interior Matches is always looking for the latest trends, style and inspiration in order to create wallpaper that transforms the space it’s placed in. Our latest range, the "Industrial Collection" takes inspiration from our Barcelona home, where the city is surrounded by exposed concretes, painted walls, natural stones and hand crafted bricks and tiles.

In Barcelona, master craftsmen and interior designers get together and go to extreme lengths to create designs for both corporate and homely spaces. These craftsmen actually plaster, paint, peel back, add layers of brick and concrete to create these “Walls of Natural Art”. Painstaking hours are spent to get the right look and feel for every bespoke space. All of this effort and labour pays off as what you are left with is an interior that looks as though it was built some thousand years ago. 

Here, at InteriorMatches we do things a little differently. We still have the same amount of imagination and craftsmanship, however, instead of demolishing and rebuilding your space, we use our photography, hand drawn art, designers and creative minds, throw them together using a little digital technology and recreate them.

We add the rust and the iron, the brick and paint strokes, taking you back to a place where the erosion has been exposed to reveal a beautiful ancient stone wall, an old red brick wine cellar or a concrete wall from a city forgotten in time. 

Thus, giving our customers the ability to achieve these beautiful spaces for a fraction of the cost and effort by simply applying our wallpapers.

Whether it be a bar, restaurant, office space or renovating your home in this refreshing new style, make sure you shop our Industrial Collection. Available in classic wallpaper panels, or on our new peel and stick wallpaper, transforming your home has never been easier.

Take inspiration from the industrial Barcelona landscapes and bring your tired space back to life with our help!


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