Frequently asked Questions!

Can I order a mural in a different size?
Yes, just send us your size and we can give you a price. We can price for other bespoke sized wallpapers to.

Can I put it on my windows or floors?
Yes, we can print onto other materials, for doors, windows, back splashes, floors, table tops and shelves.

Can I send my own photograph?
Yes, you may use your own photograph.

Can I ask for something designed for me?
Yes, no problem, if you send us an image of your room, with an idea of what you are looking to achieve, or any ideas you may have, just pop them over to us and we will design something just for you.

How do I work out my size?
Measure your wall top to bottom on the left and right hand side of the wall, then measure it left to right at the very top and the very bottom, send us the measurements stating which is width and which is height.

How long does it take to delivery to me?
It takes approximately 5 working days to print, and then we use either a fast 2 day delivery (at extra costs), or the standard post, which can take 2-3 weeks depending on your location.