How to Measure your Wall!

Measure the HEIGHT of the wall from top to bottom:
Measure from ceiling (top) to the floor (bottom) on the extreme left hand side of the wall.
Now repeat this on the extreme right hand side of the wall.
Supply us with the longest measurement.
Measure the WIDTH of the wall from left to right:
Measure along the ceiling (top) from left to right.
Now repeat this and measure along the bottom (floor) from left to right.
Supply us with the longest measurement.

We will add on 2-3 inches to these measurements.
Murals are supplied in the size advertised unless we are notified to a different measurement required.
Wall measurements 
Use a tape measure, not your phone or a small ruler. 
Measure it twice to double check.
Check for any damp, uneven or rough walls.
Mark which is width and which is height.
Ceilings can be measured the same, please let us know which is your length as this will determine which way the wallpaper runs.