How to Install your Wallpaper!

We have two types of installation methods.

You just simply peel the backing off and stick the wallpaper onto your wall. 

WALLPAPER (Glue required)
You simply paste the wall with the glue first and then hang your wallpaper.

All of the above can be trimmed on the wall once installed.

Tools Required

Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Wallpaper with Glue

Trimming Knife, Roller or Sponge.

Level and Tape Measure.


Paste mixed to manufacturers instructions.

Trimming Knife, Pasting Brush and Roller.

Level and Tape Measure.

 Self Adhesive Wallpaper

1. Clean and prime your wall, leave to dry thoroughly. 2. Use the peel and stick method. Make sure your first panel is straight.
3. Overlap or butt fit your panels and smooth using your hands 4. Trim any excess wallpaper

 Wallpaper with Glue

1. Clean your wall, mix your glue and paste the wall with the glue in the area of each panel, one at a time. 2. Stick your panel onto the glue section and smooth using your hands or a soft roller
3. If your panels are overlapped, double-cut through the centre of the overlap 4. Gentle wipe away any excess glue and trim excess wallpaper


Remove any fixtures or fittings.
A helping hand might be needed.
Check your instructions and read them carefully.


  • Remove your wallpaper from the tube and lay it on a flat surface (floor)

  • Leave it resting for an hour or so to allow the wallpaper to achieve room temperate and flatten out

  • Now lay it down in front of your wall checking correct sequence, overlaps and size before installing


  • Preparation of the surface is essential for hanging the wallpaper. To ensure your new adhesive sticks to your surface, make sure it is clean, dry and dust-free

  • Use a dry cloth to wipe down your surface

  • For best results we suggest using a universal primer

  • The wallpaper is not designed for fresh-painted, wet or latex surfaces. Please allow freshly painted surfaces to have dried for a minimum period of 4 weeks before applying any adhesive material


  • Mix the paste as per instructions on the tin

  • Brush even coat of paste onto the wall where the first panel will lay

  • Apply your wallpaper carefully, using a roller from centre to left and right to remove any air bubbles, then roll down the edges with a small roller, check it is 100% straight

  • Repeat with next panel, if no overlap is required, place the second panel to the edge of the first panel making sure there is no gap
  • If your paste gets on the wallpaper, clean immediately with clean warm water and dap dry


  • Starting with panel 1 peel off the backing approx. 5cm from the top, stick this to your wall and check it is 100% straight.

  • Slowly peel back the backing sheet pulling downwards whilst smoothing the front working from the middle and smoothing out to the left and right, removing all air bubbles. If bubbles occur, gently peel the wallpaper back and apply again.
  • If no overlap is required, place the second panel to the edge of the first panel making sure there is no gap


  • TIP: Do not move onto the second panel until you are 100% happy with the first panel. If your first panel is correct then all the others will follow correctly

  • Slowly smooth out your wallpaper from side to side using your plastic card or roller

  • For self adhesive material - remove backing as you work your way down the panel

  • Seams should be vertical and have a tight fit

Well done - enjoy your new wall!