How to hang your wallpaper?

We have two types of installation methods available: Self Adhesive and Wallpaper with glue. Our re-positionable self-adhesive wallpapers need the 'peel & stick' method where you simply peel and stick your wallpaper. The wallpaper requires glue pasted onto the wall before you stick your panels. Both can be trimmed on the wall once installed.

Tools Required

 Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Wallpaper with Glue

Trimming Knife, Roller or Sponge

Level and Tape Measure

Paste mixed to manufacturers instructions

Trimming Knife, Pasting Brush and Roller

Level and Tape Measure

 Self Adhesive Wallpaper

1. Clean and prime your wall as per our instructions 2. Use the peel and stick method
3. Overlap your panels and smooth using your hands 4. Trim your excess wallpaper

 Wallpaper with Glue

1. After cleaning the wall, paste the wall with glue 2. Stick your panel onto the glue section and smooth using your hands
3. Overlap your panels and double-cut through the centre of the overlap 4. Trim your excess wallpaper

Important Information 

Freshly painted walls are not suitable for wallpapers, walls need to dry and cure for a min period of 8 weeks before you apply your wallpaper. We highly recommend priming your wall before installing any type of wallpaper, this will ensure your wallpaper sticks the first time. Latex based paints are not suitable for wallpapers unless a good quality primer has been used.