Our Story

Where it started...

Jacquie and CK, a mother and daughter team, both extremely creative and artistic, as well as previous business owners, had a burning desire to work together, and so was born "Nicematches" in 2015, designers of Wall Art!

In 2016, following trends and their own creative minds, they slowly expanded to add to their brand, KidsMatches and ModernMatches.

With their vast knowledge of colour, design, illustration, art, print and sales, this lead them to build and begin branding their own website in 2018 "InteriorMatches".

They are moving forward... passionately... as they create wall art that is bespoke to the clients needs... and their clients are quickly beginning to realise this.

In 2018 they introduced a very special design. A simple and unique way to include wall art on a budget, honeycombs! Easy to Install, within a budget, and is amazing in it's look and feel! A winner all round.. and it has grown ten fold in admiration and sales.

So if it's experience in design and print you want they are here!!! As they say themselves... "We love feeding our passion, burning our creative energy... we love a challenge, tell us what you would like us to create for you?".