Our Story

Where it started...

Jacquie and CK are a mother and daughter team. Both are extremely creative and artistic, as well as previous business owners.

They have always had a burning desire to work together, so in 2015 "Nicematches" was born, designers of Wall Art! This still operates today on the Etsy platform, but concentrates mostly on their amazing easy to use, honeycomb wall art.

In 2016, they began to see a pattern emerging in their sales, this altered their business direction. This change was also driven by the latest trends emerging, the growth of easy to apply wallpapers and their own clients needs.

Armed with this knowledge and their experience which includes colour trends, design, illustration, art, print and sales, has lead them to begin building their own website. At the end of 2018 they changed their brand name to "InteriorMatches" so that in 2020 they can begin to introduce other interior designer products.

These products will include... works of art for your walls, fabric printing for soft furnishings, floor and window graphics for business and home interiors. 

They are moving forward... passionately... and their clients are quickly beginning to realise this.

So if it's experience in design and print you want they are here!!! As they say themselves... "We are feeding our passion, burning our creative energy... we honestly cannot be challenged enough". Take up the challenge!!!