Pigeon Blue, Tissue Pink, Pearl River and Trout

Pigeon Blue, Tissue Pink, Pearl River and Trout

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Each honeycomb shape is made from a self-adhesive material which is 100% removable and will not damage your wall. Our geometric decals are ideal for businesses and families and can be used for interior decoration or events.

  • Honeycomb Size: Large 11x10 inches / 30x27cm
  • You will receive the colors shown on the color chart
  • Easy application: Peel & Stick!
  • Removable and repositionable
  • Top quality soft canvas art sticker with long-lasting ultrachrome inks

Custom Orders: 

All honeycomb wall decals are handprinted and therefore we can easily adjust the scale and color to fit your needs. To receive a custom quote please send us a message with your measurements and requirements.

Important information:

  • Processing time: 3-5 working days
  • Newly painted walls need at least 3 months to dry and cure before installing our products
  • Latex based paints are not suitable for our products unless your wall has been primed first
  • When placing honeycombs on colored walls please be aware that colors may visually change, this will depend on what colored wall you have.